Letter to the Editor: Who Will Really Represent Us?

Like many others, I am uncomfortable with the representation that northeast Wisconsin has (not) received from our elected officials at the national and state levels during the last four years. We have some

serious issues here! 

Water quality is threatened by CAFOs. Small farms and businesses need immigrant labor, and immigrants need a path to citizenship. Essential workers need living wages, affordable housing and adequate health insurance. The list stretches on, yet our elected officials fail to engage in problem-solving.

Mike Gallagher’s current campaign, as reported in the Peninsula Pulse (Oct. 16-23) suggests one reason: His background and education predispose him to be more interested in U.S.-China relations than in us. Better suited to the State Department, he is in the wrong job! Instead of advocating for us, he has consistently voted with his party, even when he does not agree with its positions!

Likewise, Joel Kitchens often says he disagrees with his party’s positions. Just last week he told the Pulse he did not agree with the recent lawsuit against Gov. Evers’ policies. But none of his disagreements bear fruit, and the Republican legislature has refused to address any issues for months. We need representatives who will act on our concerns.

Amanda Stuck – born and raised in the Fox Valley – understands our needs. A member of the minority party in the Assembly for three terms, she has not hesitated to speak out when she disagreed with its powerful leaders (see 

Everything about her – her life experience, education, legislative initiatives, outgoing manner and joy in discussion with colleagues and constituents – indicates that she will take our concerns to Washington and work hard at solving problems that affect our lives.

Likewise, Kim Delorit Jensen’s deep background in Door County, her remarkable success as a small-business owner and her courageous campaign indicate that she’s better suited to the task of representation than the incumbent.

I’ve heard more good ideas from these women during recent months than from the incumbents during the last four years.

Estella Lauter

Fish Creek, Wisconsin