Letter to the Editor: Who’s Actually in Control?

I was somewhat perplexed at Dale Logan’s valentine letter, “Will You Be Mine?” I got the feeling that he’s probably a very nice guy, and his heart’s in the right place. But he tells us that although we are in the middle of chaos, what with, “the killing of multitudes of innocent people – both old and very young – the addiction to drugs and opioids, bullying, sex trafficking, lying, abuse, greed, etc., etc.,” we should know that our creator is in control. 

If that’s the result of his being in control, I think he needs to up his game, or we need to think about who’s actually in control. And if we decide that the job just isn’t getting done, it might be time to organize as good citizen secular humanists and get the job done ourselves.

Rick Ronvik

Sister Bay, Wisconsin