Letter to the Editor: Why I Am Voting Republican

Trump is a proven leader. He changed the employment picture for the working and middle class. He reduced our taxes. He eliminated billions in giveaways. He has brought integrity back into our court system. He has protected life for the unborn, disabled and us senior citizens. 

He has not used his office to enrich himself like Joe Biden and his son Hunter have by the millions. He even donated his $400,000 salary. He rebuilt our military. I served as an officer under two presidents for eight years and appreciate his understanding and support of the military. He believes Americans have the right to bear arms under our Constitution.

And he certainly opposes the concept of stacking the courts, which the Democrats now plan on doing. This would destroy our democracy and result in dictatorship and socialism.

Space doesn’t allow me to complete the list. These are just some of the achievements he has accomplished, which is more than Obama and Biden accomplished in eight years. Need I say more?

Jim Newman

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin