Letter to the Editor: Why I Don’t Wear a Mask

People insist on bullying me because I do not wear a mask/muzzle/face diaper – however you want to term the thing. It doesn’t matter how you bully, berate, try to intimidate or shame me, my mind will not be changed regarding my disregard for “masking up,” and here’s why: Since May of 2020, I have spent hours and hours and hours educating myself on everything related to the coronavirus. 

My research involves doctors, attorneys, investigative journalists (remember those?), scientists and researchers from around the world and its universities. I am currently working on my fourth handwritten notebook regarding that research, and I have written several informational documents that I have forwarded to friends, relatives, political people, law enforcement, top hospital personnel and Health and Human Services leaders. All of these documents are maintained and updated as new information presents itself. 

But today I’m addressing the mask issue. My research has shown me that masks are unnecessary. Masks are ineffective against COVID-19 transmission, even if I did feel the virus was an actual threat to my life. Wearing a mask is a dirty practice. Wearing a mask perpetuates social engineering as part of a larger agenda. 

If I wear a mask, I am advocating what I feel is 99 percent lie, and this lie is bringing our nation to its knees as our economy is being destroyed, our children abused by COVID protocol – including their right to an education – a growing homeless population, increased food insecurity and more.

It matters not to me whether you embrace my viewpoints. It does matter, however, when you try to bully me into embracing yours. Stand down. Please and thank you. You are entitled to your opinions, but so am I.

Sharon M. Thill

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin