Letter to the Editor: Why Now, Republicans?

I get tired of the members of the Republican Legislature patting themselves on their backs for being so fiscally conservative. 

You stole money from our schools, our teachers and our unions while Walker was in office. Now that elections are coming up, you are offering bribes. The $105 – which comes out to a whopping $8.75 per month – does not mean a lot to most property owners. I realize, having grown up very poor, that $105 would have been a miracle for my mom. The really poor will not benefit from this bribe because they don’t usually own property.

Why don’t you use this excess to improve the internet access for rural areas of the state, our public schools, low-income housing for families, lunches for low-income students? This is nothing more than a campaign gimmick and bribe!

Colleen Malmen

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin