Letter to the Editor: Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I own Door County Speech Therapy on Third Avenue in Sturgeon Bay in what, I’ve been told, was the old First National Bank building. This was the second year I participated in the Thrills on Third trick-or-treating event. The day before the event I hurriedly purchased some inexpensive pumpkins and decorated them. Nothing too elaborate, just some paint, but they did turn out nice. You can see them on my Door County Speech Therapy Facebook page.

I left my pumpkins in some planters outside the office just as all the other businesses had done. Last week when I pulled up to work, my pumpkins were gone. Someone had stolen them! I looked up and down Third Ave and noticed all the other decorations survived unscathed. I was especially grateful to see the children’s painted pumpkins in front of the Boys and Girls Club were untouched.

So, to whoever stole my pumpkins, I hope you are enjoying them as part of your decorations. I truly would have been happy to show you how quick and easy they were to paint and you could have had the satisfaction of creating them yourself. I wonder, as I sit staring out my office window, if you are taking the credit for decorating them yourself? I also wonder how you are explaining the missing stem I see laying curbside, to family and friends? On a positive note, thank you for saving me the trip to the compost site for recycling. However, something tells me you’re not the type of person to follow rules and will probably not be recycling them. Happy Holidays!


Kris Bohn

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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