Letter to the Editor: Winners?

After watching and listening to the candidates for POTUS this past year, this is my take on the results of the Iowa caucus. R#1, Ted “the cruise missile” Cruz. He wants to nuke the federal government and ISIS in the name of god. #2, Teflon Don, enough said. #3, Marco “Marco Polo are you on the issues” Rubio. If that’s not entertaining enough, at the last minute, Sarah “elk in the headlights” Palin, appearing as though she had a bad case of cabin fever, ranting on about someone trying to take her guns and Bible, while endorsing #2. D#1, Hillary “you liked my husband, why don’t you like and trust me” Clinton. D#2, Bernie “I’m the new 64 and I want to give you free tuition, etc.” Sanders. It’s no small wonder one of the top-selling political memorabilia items is a sign that reads, “I’m voting for the crazy one.” One thing appears to be very clear, people are tired of do-nothing politicians. I might be going out on a limb here, in this election if you’re in, you’re out. There is a rumor flying around that there are candidates waiting in the wings, ready to parachute in and save us. I say jump.


Pete Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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