Letter to the Editor: Women Must Stand Up for Their Rights

Women, consider that after losing reproductive rights, the way is opening to lose other rights that we have as equal citizens in our country. 

It was not so long ago that women did not have equal rights in divorce, and even now there is a persistent gender gap in pay between men and women, as well as continuing issues of sexual harassment in many workplaces. It was not even that long ago that we did not have the right to vote. 

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, our gains are at further risk.

When you see women in other cultures forced by custom and by law to submit to dress and behavior codes, note that they are in countries dominated by men who practice an unforgiving form of religion. They do not enjoy equal rights under the law.

In our United States democracy, we steer clear of domination by any particular group through laws that prevent discrimination, by checks and balances, by separation of powers (Congress, administration, justice), by ethical standards and legally required accountability for elected and appointed officials. 

We must overwhelmingly use our freedom to vote in this election! Women must demonstrate that we are not willing to go backward! Note the party that is standing up for you. Do not fail to register and to vote the entire ballot – state and federal – in this upcoming election.

Karen Wilson

Fish Creek, Wisconsin