Letter to the Editor: Wotachek ‘Lives, Breathes and Believes in Door County’

With the upcoming elections, I want to share my experience regarding Laura Wotachek, who is running for re-election for the District 9 supervisor position. I am hopeful my personal experience with Laura will help you to determine whom to cast your vote for in the upcoming election. 

Laura is relentless in making our community a thriving, vibrant and fiscally productive place for all of us who are privileged to call Door County our home! I have personally witnessed her many hours of hard labor and commitment regarding the Door County Fair program. She also works fervently with the J-1 visa federal program. Her enthusiasm to make our community the best it can be is contagious! Laura lives, breathes and believes in Door County. 

Compassion is another one of her qualities. I feel compelled to share my personal experience with you. 

Last summer, our eight-year-old golden retriever, Harriett, suddenly and without warning fell over with a stroke in our stairwell. It took three men to help transport her to the vet. 

Once examined, the vet suggested we put Harriett down. My husband was out of town; this was sudden and overwhelming. I just couldn’t make this decision on my own, especially with her bright eyes and wagging tail. She could not get up and walk, but she seemed fine otherwise, so we took her back home.

I sat in tears, not knowing how to get our 120-pound dog upstairs. Laura lives below us, and with no hesitation, she insisted that we stay with her with our Harriett until we could determine what to do. We were with Laura and the family for three days with our dying dog. She was glad to help us. In the end, Harriett went to doggie heaven, and Laura shed many tears and hugs with me.

So, in a nutshell, Laura is kind, compassionate and highly educated, and she has an enthusiasm to do the best she can for us. This is from my personal observation and experience with Laura. 

Betty Clabough

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin