Letter to the Editor: You Decide with Your Vote

It seems that in the political arena, some politicians have forgotten what the word “radical” in a political context is – or have they just redefined it? When I was a young man, radical meant someone who was against the Constitution, our country, law and order, free speech, the police, authority, serving our country, the Second Amendment, etc. 

Now we have politicians and candidates telling us that radical means being in favor of the Constitution, country, law and order, free speech, police, Second Amendment, pro-life, etc. I guess they have unilaterally flipped the definition to suit their goals and ambitions.

So let me take this opportunity to provide the real meaning: “radical,” according to the Oxford Languages Dictionary, is “a person who advocates thorough or complete political or social reform; a member of a political party or part of a party pursuing such aims.” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says it is “associated with political views, practices and policies of extreme change.” Key words: “thorough or complete political or social reform,” “extreme change” and “pursuing such aims.”

This election is in our hands. We have to discern between the truth and the lies. We have to decide whether we want to continue along the way we are going or not. We have to decide whether we want to right America, protect our children, preserve our freedoms or let them be taken away, along with our children’s future.

In this November election, it comes down to this: You make the call when you vote!

Bill Krueger

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin