Letter to the Editor: Young Voters, Don’t Be Silent

Voting liberal or conservative or being a die-hard Republican or Democrat is our choice. However, we elected a President who changes  truth to rampant lying as the norm and destroys a person’s integrity at the drop of a hat. He demands 100-percent loyalty and is setting a dangerous blurred reflection on who we really are. What is right or wrong no longer has any meaning. The young voting age men and women must stick to their ideals in the upcoming midterm elections and follow up again in 2020. They must send a strong message to undo the damage to our values and regain the trust of the world. Young people are smart and communicate very well and are not yet corrupted. History is being made every day and we must make sure our young voters weigh their immense responsibility carefully. Don’t be silent, express your views and use history as your guide. Buy and save newspaper articles so you are able to evaluate recent news and commentary and fact check the subject matter. Then make your decision and vote. My generation is history. Your’s is the future.


Bernard Shaw

Luxemburg, Wis.

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