A Thank You from the Family of John Vieth

Thank you for your cards, letters, and phone calls, your memorial bench donations, your hugs, kisses, food, and affection, your love, and the stories you shared in Johnny’s memory.

Thank you Stella Maris Parish, American Legion Post 527 and VFW Post 8337 for the roles you played in John’s life.

We send a special thank you to Unity Hospice and the staff at Hearthside for their 24/7 attention to Johnny’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The hugs and council you gave our family throughout Johnny’s last 385 days meant fewer sleepless nights worrying about his care and more quality time sharing his life while at his “home away from home.” Thanks to you, Johnny enjoyed life a year longer than first predicted. Even as we write, your “bereavement team” is standing mission ready to come to our rescue. You’re all true professionals working your way to sainthood.

We send a special thank you to Father Ruby and Sister Angela for their always-present spiritual guidance and support. Thank you Father Ruby, for weaving John’s love for God, his dedication to his Church, and his commitment to his Country into the memorial service. At a time when atheists are fighting hard to root God out of our government it’s important we fight hard to ensure God is present in each fold of our flag, every shot fired in honor, and every sounding of taps.

We send a special thank you to the family of Robert Thompson for the role they and Bob played in Johnny’s life right up and till the final curtain. Bob’s final curtain fell about the time they were sounding taps at Johnny’s memorial service on June 15, 2010.

Hear yea! Hear yea! Johnny, being soundly with Robert Thompson in the hands of God, through the power invested in the angels, we here-by crown Master Don Thompson (Bob’s son and founder of the Door County Bakery) Door County’s new “King of Bread Pudding.” Thank you Don and Jean for the bread pudding served at Johnny’s memorial.

One last special thanks to Al Johnson whose final curtain fell two weeks after Johnny’s. Johnny and Al flipped pancakes, played cards, and gambled together since 1947. Rumor has it, more than once the deed to their restaurants changed hands. You might say they were bonded at the griddle, played hard at the table, and enjoyed wagering their pancakes on whether the Bears would beat the Packers or Milwaukee would trounce the Cubs.

I don’t know when it started but every time Johnny woke up from an operation in Door County, Al would be there, nose to nose, to assure him: “You’re not in heaven yet!” I’m sure when Al woke up in heaven Johnny was there “nose to nose” to welcome him home, deal the next hand, and bet on the next Packer and Bear game.

So Johnny’s family thanks you all and with much appreciation for your love and thoughtfulness we bid you all…”Bye for Now!”

Rich Woldt (Johnny Vieth's step son) & Family
Egg Harbor