Letter to the Literary Editor: Another First Rate Tragedy

What has happened to Mr. Bjorn Bakken? For all those months he was a reassuring presence in every issue. Suddenly he has vanished, and without a word or a trace.

Was he the victim of budget cuts, another wave of “downsizing?” Was it, perhaps that he was simply silenced by the LIEbrul media?

It is dismaying to see what has become the state of “journalism” in this day and age. “Agenda” seems to trump the truth, and courageous and diligent reporters such as Bakken apparently pay a heavy price for their attempts to deliver the facts.

Ultimately it is we the readers, who suffer. Where is the concerned public supposed to turn for unbiased reporting? Where are we to look for trustworthy analysis and commentary that is not mere leftist propaganda?

Mr. Bakken exhibited the sort of insight that served his readers well. His reportage on the local political scene was straightforward and unvarnished, very much unlike what otherwise passes as “journalism” these days. The loss of his columns is certainly sorely felt.

Warren Winkelstein

President, West Jacksonport Institute for Print Media Research