Letter to the Literary Editor

That it happened six months ago does not diminish the intensity of our current ire. The attack on George C. Scott’s acting ability in your movie review of those who have played Scrooge which appeared in your newspaper last December has galvanized our organization into full battle gear; our cause is just.

When your reviewer, Henry Timm, described actor Scott’s portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge as less than superior, the George C. Scott Booster Society experienced a deep wound and, while not at full strength, nonetheless had to stand and be counted.

George C. Scott was the strong, determined, crusty, and completely rotten Scrooge, the way Dickens wrote the character, not the whining, sniveling wimp that editor Timm seems to admire in that part. Actor Scott handled that role as he did all other roles, at full throttle, something our group was unable to do at the time of the attack last December, with our treasury depleted and our Society’s leader away making license plates.

Now, nearly at full complement our organization must respond to the uncalled for affront of Scott and the Scott Society. Editor Timm gave his review. Here is our rating of his review:  Hooplas – zero. Humbugs – zero. Harruumphs – one-half.

For the Society,

Fielding Melish, acting Executive Director

Jerry Gallagher, Corresponding Secretary

George C. Scott Booster Society, Dykesville Chapter