Letters to the Editor: Constitutional Change Needed with Redistricting Legislation

After reading your recent point and counterpoint columns on the proposed law to draw legislative districts [Peninsula Pulse, perspectives page, Sept. 22], I believe the proposed legislation in AB-415, that Rep. Joel Kitchens sponsored [and who provided the ‘point’ side], is in line with Iowa’s current law. Karen Wilson [in her counterpoint] never said what her concerns are with the proposed law. What I believe both failed to mention is the differences between the Iowa and Wisconsin constitutions that could impact the proposed AB-415 law. 

Wisconsin’s Constitution contains the following in Article 4, Section 3: “At its first session after each enumeration made by the authority of the United States, the legislature shall apportion and district anew the members of the senate and assembly, according to the number of inhabitants.” Iowa’s Constitution does not have a clause anything like Article 4, Section 3. 

If our elected representatives really want changes to the way legislative maps are  drawn, pass AB-415, then put up to the voters of Wisconsin to change Article 4, Section 3 of the State Constitution from its current language, and replace it with all or portions of AB-415.

David Stuebner

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin