Letters to the Editor: Do Not Privatize Emergency Response in Door County

In my 30+ year career I have worked with and for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. The difference is night and day. For-Profit will always be just about that – profit, the monetary bottom line. Decisions will be made with the primary objective of money. Nonprofits, while practicing fiscal responsibility, make their mission – the people and causes they serve – as their primary objective. It has been my experience that for-profits are long on promise and short on delivery.

Under no circumstance should the Door County Supervisors vote to privatize our Emergency Response in Door County. The system we have now works and works well. Our Door County Emergency Response Teams provide fast action, knowledgeable, expert, compassionate care. These are friends and neighbors providing quality emergency care to friends and neighbors. No for-profit can or will do that.

My husband recently suffered a massive heart attack. Our paramedics were at our home in Ellison Bay quickly. They immediately assessed the situation, provided him with lifesaving medications and treatments, contacted DCMC’s ER and St Vincent’s Flight for Life while in route to Sturgeon Bay. Because of their immediate response, extensive education and experience my husband is alive today.

Whatever Door County Supervisor stated, “we do not need an EMT on every corner” should be ashamed of himself for making such a hyperbolic and short sighted statement. When it comes time for him or a loved one to need emergency care, he will be glad to have “an EMT (and might I add hero!) on every corner.”

Please contact our Door County Supervisors to side with the health, safety and wellbeing of Door County residents and visitors by voting NO to privatizing our Emergency Responders.

Joy and Len Zakrzewski

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin