Letters to the Editor: Door County Seasonal Solutions?

I’m disappointed in the recent press regarding the proposed seasonal housing development on Ahrens Road. The article would lead one to believe that there are not numerous people, like myself, very aware of the season and permanent housing problems in Door County, but who do not see putting 6 international young adults in a 400 square foot cabin with no running water or bathroom, and charging them $500 a month as a solution. In the karst geology of Door county no 8 month housing situation should be without plumbing to protect our groundwater. Nor should six people be living in such close quarters without running water to keep it clean.

The developer is using the Campground ordinance to get around the county’s housing code to create a high density substandard housing development.

If we have learned one thing about housing, it’s that putting 100s of people, and here we are talking young people from all over the globe, in cramped, poor living conditions creates many problems. I’m certain that I don’t have to spell them out for you here. Imagine the impact this would have on the rural neighborhoods that are zoned for campgrounds in this county. Would you want this project in your neighborhood?

I know from speaking with my friends and neighbors about this issue that many people feel as I do that this is no way to treat our fragile land, our guest workers, or the rural neighborhoods of Door County.

I would hope in the future any articles reflect both sides of this issue. Thank you.

Judith Kalb 

Fish Creek, Wisconsin