Letters to the Editor: Let Roe v. Wade Stand

The proposal of bills in several states, which ultimately may be challenged before the SCOTUS seeking to overturn Roe v. Wade has brought forth a firestorm of opinions, rhetoric and gross misstatements. It is an issue full of emotion, opinion, personal belief and not logic or science. What does it mean to call yourself Pro Life and rail against abortion, if you support caging immigrants at our borders who are trying to legally (and yes, some are trying illegally) come in, separating children from parents, if you are not rallying against school shootings and some form of gun control?

What does it mean to be Pro Life but be okay with denying coverage for healthcare to someone with a pre-existing illness or deprive children of access? What about clean drinking water, clean air, a complete education?

Seems that Pro Life only means Pro Fetus. Once born, the Pro Lifers wipe their hands and walk away. Once born you are on your own. The same Pro Lifers are not rallying about live children abused and tortured by their ‘parents’ or caretakers. What about a 2 year old beaten and dropped kicked until dead? That doesn’t disturb you, but the abortion of a mass of non breathing tissue does?

This whole issue is merely an attempt to control women. PERIOD. In the 1800’s professional men wrote that women should not be allowed a higher education as it would prevent them from having babies and thereby fulfilling their obligation. Are we still stuck in that thinking? And, of course, they mean white babies and preferably men. At least the Chinese a few years back were honest in their governmental edict about one child and preferably a boy.

The NIH publishes what the definition of a fetal death is, and whether it is reported as a “death”, or considered products of conception and destroyed as any human tissue is. If a fetal death, usually defined as 20 weeks, it must be interred. I cannot believe that we are continuing to beat a dead horse after so many years as the law of the land. Women will not tolerate this.

Kathy Wagner

Sister Bay, Wisconsin