Letters to the Editor: May 15-22

Who Are the Very Good People?

The nurses and doctors, janitors and housekeeping staff, bus drivers, meat cutters, fishers, farmers, shippers, grocery store employees, Navy sailors, National Guard members, firefighters, police officers and members of the press are those who face COVID-19 every day to do their jobs so that we can stay healthy, fed and informed. These are the very good people! They are our American “patriots.”

The anti-Stay at Home protesters brandishing their assault weapons, shouting spit at the police and nurses, are not very good people. They are screaming bullies whose “rights” require others to die. When President Trump called them “very good people,” I wept.

Gov. Evers, state health officials and governors across the nation have approval ratings of 80 to 90 percent for their data-based decision-making and their methodical and science-based plans for fighting against COVID-19. We know who the very good people are: the ones trying to save our lives.

Wisconsin Republicans, on the other hand, are advocating reopening the Wisconsin economy by an arbitrary date after consulting with the CEOs of companies. To fuel a power struggle, they are using taxpayer funds to take Gov. Evers to court! Many Republicans have admitted that establishing an early date to reopen will allow us to deny workers unemployment benefits. Really? Are they very good people?

We can’t afford to vote for Trump in November. Our lives depend on it! In fact, I believe we cannot vote for any Republican who is willing to discard our workers to achieve approval and donations from their wealthy Republican executive donors. 

You decide who the very good people are! I am voting for Joe Biden for president; Amanda Stuck, District 8 Congressional District; and Kim Jensen, State Assembly District 1.

Judy Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin 

Wearing a Mask Is a ‘Simple Act of Kindness’

It comes as a sad surprise to me that whether or not to wear a face covering in public, particularly in the confines of a retail establishment, has caused such a passionate divide. 

Some business owners (and many others, if my Facebook feed is any indication) equate freedom with not requiring employees or shoppers to wear masks. Perhaps that’s right, but as a person considered high risk, I will then have to exercise my freedom not to shop at those businesses. This is a lose-lose situation for both of us.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to freely choose a policy that acknowledges there is a significant portion of the population that believes that when both parties in an interchange are wearing masks and engaging in social distancing, the possibility of virus transmission drops?

Kudos to Todd Frisoni for considering requiring customers of the Door County Ice Cream Factory to wear a mask to enter the building. I hope he chooses this policy. It is one of respect and responsibility. Wearing a mask doesn’t threaten anyone’s freedom. It is a simple act of kindness that makes at-risk people feel safer navigating through this frightening new normal. I hope Door County merchants choose to be kind.

Barbara Hanson

Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Concerned about the ‘Tyrannical Lockdown’

Our concerns as Door County residents and Wisconsin residents are very serious. Do people realize that this Safer at Home order will bankrupt churches, families, private schools and businesses? This seems to be bigger than just COVID-19. A bigger picture must be addressed. Join with me to voice your concerns about ruining our state because of the tyrannical lockdown.

Ann Lemberger

Sister Bay, Wisconsin

‘The Drumbeat of Denial Is Beginning’

The drumbeat of denial is beginning. The present administration, along with its allies, is now beginning to deny the number of infections and deaths from this coronavirus. We will be told that the hospitals are inflating the numbers for financial gain. The hospitals are being reimbursed an additional 20 percent for the losses they are experiencing while caring for the seriously ill COVID-19 patients. 

The allies of this administration, state governors and the owners of the meatpacking plants have decided to withhold the numbers of infections and deaths because the administration is more concerned about the election.

No one holds the administration responsible for the arrival of this pandemic. What we are asking for is an honest leader who cares about all the citizens of this country, someone who has a plan going forward. We do not want to hear criticism of people who do not agree with him; we do not want someone who calls people stupid, liars, scum and more. We do not want any more blatant lies. We want a real leader!

Colleen Malmen

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin

Don the Mask

Regarding the president’s recent visit to Honeywell in Arizona, I don’t understand how you can take a tour of a mask-making operation, yet there’s not one photo of you wearing the product. Trump made it clear that he was conflicted about wearing the mask when he announced the CDC’s recommendation to do so and explained he would likely not wear one. Something about how that might be awkward when meeting with other world leaders. Like there’s a lot of that going on these days. 

And let’s not forget the vice president’s recent visit to the Mayo Clinic, where Pence flew in the face of 3M company policy by shirking his responsibility to protect – if not himself – those whom he came in contact with that day who were all adhering to the mask-wearing mandate. 

In the president’s case, I’m not even suggesting that he needed to don a mask (pun fully intended) the entire time. By all accounts, he did at one point try one on. There is the photo op, so where’s the photo? 

The president is spot on when he says we have to open up this country and get the economy running again. It makes me crazy that we seem to have divided into two camps: You either value human life and insist on continuing the lockdown, or all you care about is the almighty dollar, and death is merely the cost of doing business. 

There’s a vast middle ground here. The key is not to keep the country closed but to protect ourselves while reopening it. Even with the protesters, I feel the president can support them and still admonish them for not exercising their right to free speech in a safe, responsible manner. But if they don’t see their fearless leader sporting a mask in public, why should they? If ever there was a time to lead by example, this is it! 

So, Mr. President, would it kill you to set a good example by simply wearing a mask out in public? Who knows? Ultimately, if you don’t, it just might.

Stephan Reynolds

Ephraim, Wisconsin