Letters to the Editor: The People Have Not Lost Confidence in Megan Wolfe

In May 2020, Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Megan Wolfe gave a presentation about election security to a local Door County group. At that time, long before anyone cooked up ways to throw uncertainty on our whole election process, the concern of our local group was on possible cyber-attacks on our Wisconsin election machines.

Ms. Wolfe gave an excellent explanation of the whole process for voting in Wisconsin, including the many redundancies and back-checks built into the system. I came away from that presentation reassured about Wisconsin’s voting security. I particularly remember being very impressed with Wolfe herself, for her strong leadership, intelligence and integrity. I felt we were lucky to have someone of her caliber running elections in Wisconsin.

I am therefore dismayed that Wolfe is being scapegoated in the legislature’s efforts to create distrust in our system, for their own ends. The Wisconsin legislature spent over $3 million taxpayer dollars to find out if the 2020 election was fraudulent and found – nothing. But they didn’t like that Wolfe insisted on doing her job while leading the state through voting during a pandemic, when all could have been chaos.  Wolfe did what she could to make it easier (without sacrificing security) to vote during the pandemic. But Republican partisans would rather have had her do things to make it harder to vote. Now, they want to Make Wolfe Pay. 

I wish all our public servants were as clear-minded and public-service oriented as Megan Wolfe. I have great confidence in her ability, non-partiality, and especially her integrity. I cannot say the same for Michael Gableman or Robin Vos. Don’t believe them when they try to say “the people” have lost confidence in Wolfe. To the extent that most voters even know who Wolfe is, it simply isn’t true.

Pat Scieszinski

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin