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As of 03/15/2019

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  • Just Say No to Pig Wrestling

    I just finished reading the article titled “Group Charges Pig Abuse at Valmy Thresheree Event.” I don’t know from whence the accompanying photograph of four burly men manhandling the pig came from, but it certainly embodies the flavor of a pig wrestling bout. For those of you who didn’t have a chance to catch this […]

  • Mow, Mow, Mow Your Grass!

    Sister Bay has never looked as beautiful as it does this year. Store and restaurant owners have really outdone themselves, planting flowers that have been constant bloomers. Village-owned areas have been planted in grand style, the village maintenance workers have diligently mowed, pruned and pulled weeds to keep every flowerbed looking perfect. To have and […]

  • Cowboy Church to Hold Last Service at Tidball Stable

    The Cowboy Church of Door County wishes to thank the village of Sister Bay for allowing us to hold last year’s final service for the season in their park, but it is felt this year our last service should be held Sept. 3, in the Tidball stable, 12376 Timberline Rd., Ellison Bay.   Pastor Lloyd […]

  • Is Change Good?

    When things are sailing along smoothly, when there’s a proven solution to a problem, there is really no need to change direction, or reinvent the wheel. But when things aren’t working, when things go wrong, the only way to solve the problem, the only responsible thing to do is to examine what’s gone wrong. For […]

  • Bring Stability Back to Sevastopol

    We are all parents of current Sevastopol students. Some of us are Sevastopol alumni. Watching all the negative press about Sevastopol has been painful for us. For many years we enjoyed a very peaceful existence in our district, where mutual respect amongst staff and students prevailed. Our students excelled inside and outside of the classroom. […]

  • You Can Choose to Be Better or Bitter

    On August 23 a recall election will take place for the Sevastopol Board of Education. I am not a voter in the district but I am a recently retired Sevastopol teacher, and served on the Manawa Board of Education for 15 years, prior to moving to Door County. It is with 42 years of experience […]

  • Looking for Accountability

    In the Peninsula Pulse on August 5, 2016, Sevastopol Board President [Sue Todey] said that “it’s time to get over the drama and refocus on educating children.” Later in the same article she says, “People were fearful. They still are. They see the battering some of us have taken at board meetings and they have […]

  • Let the Healing Begin

    We want you, the community, to understand our motivation for taking the challenge to run for seats on the Sevastopol School Board. We want to be a part of our Sevastopol community healing process and reunite the district to focus on ensuring that every Sevastopol student is well equipped and prepared to excel in school […]

  • My Perspective as a Taxpayer

    These comments concerning the upcoming Aug. 23 Sevastopol School District Board recall election are written from my perspective as a taxpayer. After evaluating recent decisions made by board members Todey and Behme, I have concluded that they have been poor stewards of my tax dollars. Although they seem to be well-meaning public servants, they need […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Retired Sevastopol Teacher Speaks Out

    I had the privilege to teach elementary art at Sevastopol School for 35 years. Students and families have known me as Mrs. A. I was also part of the committee that created the Artist in Education program for Sevastopol. Over the years, we developed many special events, programs and opportunities for our students. I loved […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Vote Sevastopol, Vote

    How did a political subdivision get the name Sevastopol, the population was mostly German and Norwegians? It was first named Loueryville. At the first town meeting they decided on Sevastopol instead. Martin Simon had read the name in a paper and everybody liked it. An old city located in the Crimea, the name passed unanimously. […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Must Be Election Season

    This must be election season because Russell Feingold is running for office again, something he’s been doing continuously since the discovery of natural gas. We know this because Mr. Feingold has a new bumper sticker. It has the large letters RUSS and a small silhouette of Wisconsin. Apparently Feingold has decided that everybody knows how […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Do Not Reward Petulance

    The Sevastopol School opposition group invoked the name of Sen. Robert La Follette Sr. to justify their school board recall efforts. However the group muddled La Follette’s purpose for a recall election. La Follette advocated for recall elections to reduce governmental corruption resulting from corporate and/or special interest money in statewide politics, not for local […]

  • Letter to the Editor: What Are We Taking the Country Back From?

    Like programmed robots you see Republican spokespersons with straight faces repeat phrases like “make America great again” or “take the country back,” which begs the question, take the country back to what? Because we have Republican majorities in both the house and senate, taking the country back must mean electing a Republican president. Do we […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Accessibility Problems at Public Beaches

    I was up in Door County for two weeks this July. I have been a steady summer visitor for 50 years. My parents have been summer residents for 20-plus years until last year, when their health prevented them from coming up. This year we were able to get them up for a two-week visit, which […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Blame the Two Political Parties

    Popular political movements on both left (Sanders) and right (Trump) are totally understandable. To call Trump a fascist is misplaced. Fascism, defined by Mussolini, a real fascist, is corporatism, a collusion between the corporate-financial world and government. The binding factor is money. It has bought the government with big bucks and, in turn, has received […]

  • Letter to the Editor: A DA to Assure Our Safety with Intelligence, Integrity

    District Attorney Ray Pelrine has served the citizens of Door County with integrity and distinction for more than a decade and has more than 30 years of experience as a prosecutor. He has taught hundreds of other prosecutors the basics of prosecution as well as the finer points of trial and evidentiary procedure. New prosecutors […]

  • Letter to the Editor: A Church, Reborn

      Is something missing or coming up short in your life? Perhaps it’s a nagging void that can only be filled with sense of purpose and spirituality. Maybe it’s the opportunity to share common, holy ground with others. Or possibly it’s a nagging need to get together with like-minded people in a communion of sharing, […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Support for Colleen Nordin

    It is a very important vote this coming Tuesday, August 9, for the District Attorney election. Mr. Pelrine recently stated he is experienced and an answerable candidate. Mr. Pelrine’s credentials/experience and other input was just vetted by State of Wisconsin attorneys the last few months. Ray Pelrine then lost the race to be appointed the […]

  • Letter to the Editor: Send Gallagher to Washington

    It’s rare that I get the chance to know someone personally who is running for office, especially for a congressional seat. When I first met Mike Gallagher about five months ago I remember feeling like I was talking to someone just like me. I could tell he was sincere and shared the same passion I […]