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As of 03/15/2019

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  • Letter: History of Existing Quarry in Sister Bay

    There is presently a stone quarry (behind the Shopko store) that has been in existence, for more than 45 years, as a very small and incidental operation that was only used occasionally. For most of those years the vast majority of Village residents never even knew about the quarry because its use was so casual. […]

  • Letter: Big Thanks to Ministry

    I’d like to say a very big thank you to all the people who work in the many departments and the Fish Creek branch of Ministry Door County Medical Center. All of you play a very important part in keeping my family, my neighbors and me alive and well. Your role might not be “front […]

  • Letter: Sister Bay Has A “Small” Problem

    Are you aware there is a quarry located in the Village of Sister Bay? It’s behind Shopko and the Mobil Station. Many people have, or had, no idea because it had been non-active for many years. It is owned and operated by Brandon Small who lives in the Appleton area. When the Small family business […]

  • Commentary: County Board Voted to Impede Rural Internet Service

    By David Studebaker Chair, Technical Committee, Town of Liberty Grove Member, Economic Development Committee, Town of Liberty Grove I attended my first Door County Board meeting [on Sept. 29]. My reason for attending was the proposed new ordinance regulating all types of communications towers in unincorporated Door County. I have been actively involved for several […]

  • Letter: Not Exactly a Ravaging of Nature

    The most recent meeting of the Town of Liberty Grove on 16 Sept. last approved unanimously the recommendation of the town’s Highway Committee – also by unanimous vote – to award the bid for the tree cutting portion of the Beach Road Improvement project to Dave’s Tree Service in a low-bid amount of $11,212.50. Work […]

  • Letter: Climb the Tower at Potawatomi

    Visitors to Door County and residents are understandably concerned that Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park has been closed. We do not know the fate of the structure yet, but in the meantime we would like to make everyone aware that there is an alternative. Potawatomi State Park is only about 10 minutes from Sturgeon […]

  • Letter: Visit This Green Home

    With the falling of the leaves and the coming of winter, the White House declares October National Energy Awareness Month. I’m doing my part to increase energy awareness by participating in the Wisconsin Solar Tour and opening my home Saturday, Oct. 3, to showcase the renewable energy systems of my home (120 Alabama St., Sturgeon […]

  • Letter to the Editor: We All Have Obligation to Keep Water Clean

    Stony Creek in southern Door County is a major contributor to the water quality entering Lake Michigan, second only to the Ahnapee River in land area. The creek has several tributaries that have heavy agricultural impact, with the eastern segment draining the entire Ahnapee Trail Marsh and crossing our family farm on the eastern boundary. […]

  • Letter: Learn from Other Countries

    Societies improve by using the experiences and the discoveries of others. It’s true in government, medicine, the humanities, etc. Why can’t we apply this reasoning to solve America’s out of control homicide by firearms problem? In response to a 1996 gun massacre, Australia enacted a program of prohibition on the sale of rapid fire and […]

  • Letter: Feingold Wants More Days in D.C.

    Headline in the Sept. 4 issue of the Peninsula Pulse read “Feingold Wants To Represent Wisconsin.” Surely, the headline writer jests! Russell Feingold spent 6,570 days in the Washington, D.C., senate chambers and never lifted a finger for Wisconsin. For 18 years, Mr. Feingold represented big labor, voted for every spending bill that was within […]

  • Leave Your Guns At Home

    When is enough, enough? Now we can see a shooting and killing in real time on television. To quote retired U.S. Army General Russel L. Honoré, “As a country we’re in a state of denial because we’ve confused the right to bear arms with the right to carry arms all the time anywhere or anyplace […]

  • Gov. Walker On Border With Canada

    Sunday, Aug. 30, on Meet The Press on national TV, Governor Walker suggested that we should consider building a fence on our border with Canada. That border, including the border between Canada and Alaska as well as the border between Canada and the contiguous 48 states, is about 5,400 miles long and the longest border […]

  • Criticism of Rep. Kitchens Incorrect

    I was surprised by the lack of balance in Donald Freix’s recent letter strongly criticizing Representative Joel Kitchens’ participation in the state budget process. The letter’s message is that Mr. Kitchens’ remained silent and did not seek changes beneficial to his constituents. This implication is not correct. I supported Mr. Kitchens’ opponent in the last […]

  • Altrusa Says Thanks

    Altrusa International of Door County and more than 500 children participating in the Back-to-School Fair held Aug. 8, extend heartfelt appreciation to the many volunteers who generously donated time and energy to help make this huge event happen. There were nearly 100 folks from the community – husbands, friends, relatives and more – helping Altrusans […]

  • Thanks For Your Support

    Residents in the Sevastopol community will be asked on April 7 to vote on whether or not they support a referendum for our school district. Over the past decade, our school board and Sevastopol’s respective administrators have responsibly studied the options available to them in regards to the continuing operation of our school.

  • Article posted Friday, August 23, 2013 1:17pm

    A Salute and An Invitation

    For the past nine months I have had the privilege of working side by side with a tireless group of people dedicated to making life better for the homeless animals in the Door County area.

  • Support Family Care Extension to Northeastern Wisconsinites

    I’m writing to request that Pulse readers write to Sen. Lasee, Rep. Bies, or others, urging state action to extend the Family Care program to Door County and the six other area counties excluded from the program.

  • Greasing the Skids for Iron Mines

    Is the Wisconsin State legislature streamlining the permitting process for iron mines or simply greasing the skids? According to the John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club in Wisconsin and the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, here is what the proposed bills in the Assembly and Senate would do:

  • Support Family Care Extension to Northeastern Wisconsinites

    I’m writing to request that Pulse readers write to Sen. Lasee, Rep. Bies, or others, urging state action to extend the Family Care program to Door County and the six other area counties excluded from the program.

  • Ahoy!

    I read Tom Groenfeldt’s article “Great Lakes Festival a Fit for Door County?” [volume 19, issue 2] with great interest. Good News! The Door County Maritime Museum already has some of his suggestions in place.