Liberty Grove, Ephraim Join Citizens United Amendment

The Town of Liberty Grove and the Village of Ephraim became the two most recent Door County municipalities to pass a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment allowing limits on campaign contributions and conducting a non-binding statewide referendum. Liberty Grove and Ephraim join the Town of Baileys Harbor, the Town of Egg Harbor and the City of Sturgeon Bay in approving the resolution. The amendment would undo the effects of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizen United ruling and again allow reasonable limits be placed on the now limitless and sometimes ‘dark money’ spent by Super-PAC groups to attack candidates and influence voters and elected officials. To date, local referendums have been held in more than 70 Wisconsin counties, cities, towns, and villages and all have been approved by an average of 78 percent, some as high as 91 percent. For more information visit Wisconsin United to Amend at or contact Dan Powers at [email protected] or Jim Black at [email protected].

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