Liberty Grove Hosting Economic Development Session Feb. 13

In conjunction with the Door County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC), the Town of Liberty Grove will host an economic-development session at the Liberty Grove Town Hall on Feb. 13 from 9 am to 12 pm. The purpose is to gather information from town residents and businesspeople regarding how to proceed with development in the town. Liberty Grove has formed a 2030 Task Force that is compiling information about what the town should feel and look like by 2030. The effort with DCEDC is operating concurrently with the 2030 Task Force. DCEDC will bring Naletta Burr, community account manager at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, to moderate the session and listen to comments. The town has partnered with DCEDC to begin an outreach program to help plan for the future by retaining and assisting existing businesses and hopefully attracting and keeping younger families in the area. An attainable housing project is also in the works. The town has already identified two key elements that need to be addressed: attainable housing and high-speed internet.