Liberty Grove Hosts Electronic Recycling Day

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors with tid bits of information about goings on in Town Government.

• The town extends an invitation to the Town of Washington Island to participate in Electronic Recycling Day on October 20. A shred fest and electronic recycling will be held at the Town Hall. Sister Bay will also participate.

• The board heard a request from the Port des Morts Staircase Project being undertaken by the Neptune Dive Club of Green Bay. The club proposes to build a staircase to the shore for water access. The town has been working with the club on the project.

Several questions arose regarding parking, restrooms, and cautionary signage since there is a steep drop off just offshore. The parks and properties committee will address those issues and report back to the board.

• The board appointed Janet Johnson, Peter Sauer and Joe Carpenter to serve as alternate Board of Review members. A resolution was also passed appointing the Clerk/Administrator, Walter Kalms, to the Board of Review.

The Board of Review has been scheduled for August 29 at 1 pm in the main meeting room of the Town Hall.

• The board discussed having non-Liberty Grove residents on the Plan Commission. It authorized a revision to the Ordinance establishing a Town Plan Commission to allow non-Liberty Grove residents and Administrator Kalms will draw that up.

• A lengthy discussion followed Sam Perlman’s presentation of the Ellison Bay Focus Group Report to the Board. The Board received the report and then sent several of the provisions to appropriate committees to discuss and act upon.

Finance will consider setting the Town’s portion of room tax collections into a segregated fund that would be used for tourism related projects and marketing. Parks and Properties will look into updated garbage and recycling receptacles for Town Parks and downtown Ellison Bay. Highway committee will address pedestrian safety and work with the DOT to see what options are available for walking paths, crosswalks and how to slow traffic passing through Ellison Bay. They will also look into parking areas.

• The following comes from the Wisconsin Towns Association Web Site: (7/10/12) Each year, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) certifies the final equalized values by class of property for each of Wisconsin’s 1,850 municipalities, 72 counties, and 1,074 tax incremental districts (2011 count) by August 15.

State law (Wis. Stats. 70.57) requires that any changes in value identified in any of these 2,904 taxation districts after the certification date must be made the following year. These statutory “70.57” corrections are often required when DOR receives assessment reports late in the processing cycle.

To help reduce the need for statutory 70.57 corrections, DOR aims to produce preliminary equalized values by August 1 to allow each municipality to review its submitted data and identify changes or updates before the values are certified.