Liberty Grove Sues Sister Bay Over Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Liberty Grove Town Board has authorized the commencement of a legal action against the Village of Sister Bay in connection with longstanding disputes between the town and village regarding the wastewater treatment plant serving the municipalities.

The town is seeking a determination by the court regarding whether and to what extent it has an ownership interest in the plant and related facilities, and other remedies.

Village officials at one time had advised the town that the town was a part owner of the plant, but now takes the position the town does not share ownership with the village.

Despite much effort, the two municipalities have been unable to come to an agreement regarding the wastewater treatment plant.

On Jan. 24, 2017, the village served the town a Notice of Claim, which is required before commencement of litigation against a town or other municipality, regarding the plant.

In response, the town served a Notice of Claim on the village in Feb. 2017, so it would be able to counterclaim against the village if the village commenced litigation.

The town anticipated the village would start a legal action but it has not yet done so. As the town board feels it is in the best interest of both municipalities to resolve these issues as soon as possible, and because negotiation with the village has not been successful, it has decided to take the steps necessary to begin litigation.

A meeting of the Liberty Grove Town Board regarding this issue was held after Pulse press time. Look for more details in the next issue.

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