Liberty Grove Will Vote on Property Purchase

The Town of Liberty Grove will purchase a little more than six acres of property adjacent to the Garret Bay Road boat launch in Ellison Bay if the town’s electors vote in favor of the proposal at a town meeting Nov. 13.

The property, owned by Jeanette Hidding, would be purchased for a price of $466,000, which the town hopes to offset by applying for grants from Wisconsin’s Stewardship Fund and coastal management grants. At most, those grants could cover half the purchase price, but the town’s clerk/administrator Bud Kalms said no grant money is guaranteed.

The Nov. 13 meeting will be held at 7 pm at the Liberty Grove Town Hall on Old Stage Road. Electors must be present to vote and must reside in the Town of Liberty Grove.

The purchase price was negotiated down from an original asking price of $522,000.

“We were really happy they were willing to work with us,” said Kalms. He said the town would likely turn it into a park-like property and expand parking, since cars currently park on the side of the road near the launch, creating a safety issue.

Liberty Grove Vote on Property Purchase

Nov. 13, 7 pm

Liberty Grove Town Hall

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