Liberty Square Announces 2014 Changes

Painting by Jerry Dommer.

Liberty Square, the 18,000-square-foot restaurant and retail complex located on Highway 42 in Egg Harbor, is celebrating its seventh year in business and introducing new customer attractions for 2014.

Liberty Square is home to The Bistro Bar & Grille, Galileo’s Italian Restaurant, and the new Anchor Pub. There is also 9,000 square feet of retail shopping space.

“The winter makeover at the company is designed to respond to thrifty consumer attitudes. Our goal is to create a very affordable eating, shopping, drinking, recreation center to help our customers to dramatically beat down any remaining recession blues,” said Pam Wegner.

New this year are “Our Chef Recommends” and “Interesting Food Pairings” at low fixed prices. One of Wegner’s favorite “Interesting Food Pairings” is a side Italian salad with a Roasted Pear and Blue Cheese wood-fired flatbread pizza, and a glass of Cardiff Chardonnay for $17.99.

There will also be discount coupons for anyone who eats in The Bistro or Galileo’s, and “free drink” cards given to shoppers. For more information visit

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