“Light the Depot” Campaign Winding Down

(Left to right) Bill Bauernfeind, Lola DeVillers, Stuart Champeau, and Christine Salmon perform in ‘Talk About a Murder.’

Rogue Theater and The Depot Performing Arts Center is on its final leg to raise its goal of $10,000 for new lights and sound system, as well as other much needed funds for day-to-day operations.

To raise the money Rogue Theater took to the road in April with a “Variety Show” at The Draft Haus, featuring songs, comedy acts and improve; they hosted “Songs to God” at Hope Church, featuring music by Dorothy Scott, David Hatch, Lynn Gudmundsen, Lloyd Michalsen, along with many local artists; then ended the month with a rummage and bake sale at The Depot PAC, netting $1,500. (A special thanks to Jamie Buesing for putting the event together.) At the same time, The Depot PAC was the venue for The Vagina Monologues hosted by Help of Door County.

The Depot PAC hosted ‘The Vagina Monologues’ presented by Help of Door County.

In May The Depot PAC reopened with their murder mystery, Talk About A Murder!, which also performed at The Olde Opera House and The Lodge at Leathem Smith, playing to full houses at both venues. Patrons were entertained by a whimsical fun shows and fantastic menus. May ended with a Memorial weekend show entitled Great Americans.

The Depot PAC will conclude its campaign with a final rummage and bake sale during Sturgeon Bay’s citywide rummage sale June 6 and 7. The final piece of funding will hopefully come from folks who support the performing arts and want to keep the lights on at The Depot PAC. Anyone who wishes to donate funds to Rogue Theater/The Depot PAC can do so by calling 920.818.0816. Donations for the upcoming rummage and bake sale are also appreciated.

Next up for Rogue Theater will be The Belgian Detective, a show written by local playwright Carol Lyons on stage from June 19 – July 6, and a Children’s Theater Camp from June 25 – July 19. Rogue is always looking for volunteers to help in its shows. Those interested in acting, directing, designing and constructing costumes, designing and building props, distributing posters and advertisements, or helping with ticket sales or concessions, are always needed.

For more information call 920.818.0816 or email [email protected].