Lil Diablas Popping Up with Frozen Treats

Claire Erickson has handmade ice cream and other frozen treats to soothe your summer cravings for something cool at her Lil Diablas frozen-pop stand. Erickson crafts these delicious treats herself using mostly local ingredients and creative flavor combinations. 

“My passions are art and food, so I decided to blend the two together to create beautiful, flavorful treats,” she said. 

Now in its second summer season, the portable frozen-pop stand will be popping up throughout the summer at locations including Jackalope Milk boutique in Baileys Harbor and at The Lightbox and Pearl Wine Cottage, both in Ephraim. 

During the summer-solstice gathering in June at The Lightbox, the stand was selling raspberry sorbet, chili-mango sorbet (pictured), cherry ice cream with cherry and chocolate chunks, vanilla ice cream with lemon bar and shortbread pieces, and an Earl Grey chocolate ice cream with cookie pieces. 

Flavors will change with each pop-up, so stay updated on Instagram (@sweet_diablas).