Linden Center Photo Workshop in China

Photo by Doug Beasley

South of the Clouds there lies a region hidden in the southeast vestiges of the Himalayas, where snow-covered mountains tower over 8,000 foot verdant plains, and where whispers from the heavens lead visitors to majestic vistas and timeless villages filled with sun-etched, smiling faces and indigo-tinged caresses.

South of the Clouds has always been known as Yunnan – a fabled land of breath-taking scenery, saffron-clad Buddhist monks, exotic ethnic cultures, and year-round spring-like weather. This region has been the cultural battleground between many of Asia’s leading traditions – Hindu beliefs from the west and the Khmer south, Confucian conventions from the northeast, Tibetan, Thai and Burmese Buddhist teachings from the north and southwest. All of these cultures have left a lasting impression on the local people and their unique iconography.

Doug Beasley, an accomplished professional photographer for more than 25 years, will lead and mentor a workshop and tour of this stunning region. As founder and director of Vision Quest workshops, Beasley provides photography workshops that emphasize personal expression and creative vision. He also shoots various fine art commercial assignments throughout the world.

Beasley’s works are currently on display at the Martinez Gallery on Highway 57.

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