Linden Centre Earns Sustainable Tourism Award

The Linden Centre, a cultural retreat founded by Ellison Bay residents, Brian and Jeanee Linden, has been honored with Voyager Magazine’s Sustainable Tourism Award for 2011. The award is selected by travel professionals throughout China and honors those who are making an environmental difference in one of the world’s largest travel markets.

In selecting The Linden Centre as the hotel winner, Voyager Magazine wrote: “(The Lindens) are helping the local people to build up confidence in their own hometown and are teaching the visitors how to respect local customs and culture. The Linden Centre shows us the best example of a tourist destination where local people keep their traditional way of life while visitors join them and immerse themselves into everyday life.”

Brian Linden, who will be in Shanghai on September 15 to accept the award, voiced his praise for the local villagers and the curiosity of his guests, “We set out to establish an elegant and historical base in a functioning, Pearl Buck-esque village. Our nationally-protected complex, one of China’s largest, serves as a platform for learning and spontaneous interaction with China’s rural communities. Our guests’ willingness to join in on structured volunteer projects and cultural activities with the locals ensures that both sides are gaining from our presence.”

The Linden Centre was established in 2008 and consistently been rated as China’s top hotel on Tripadvisor and was’s 2010 choice as China’s Best Boutique Inn. For more information visit