Linden Centre Manager to Visit County

Frank He

Jeanee and Brian Linden, owners of Linden Gallery in Ellison Bay, announce the arrival of Frank He to Door County. Frank, a native of the Bai ethnic people from China’s Himalaya region, is Executive Manager of the Linden Centre in China. He is visiting Door County for two weeks in September.

Frank was born in Jianchuan County in a remote Himalayan village. He has always felt an intimate connection to his heritage. As a young boy, Frank first encountered westerners when visiting his aunt in Xizhou, the village where the Linden Centre is located. He tried to communicate with them, but the language barrier seemed insurmountable. Frank’s mother encouraged him to study English and explore the world outside his home of Dali. She taught him the importance of sharing your culture with others and sharing other cultures with one’s own community.

Frank felt he could achieve this dream when he first heard about the Linden Centre one year after it opened, and joined the Linden team in 2009. He now speaks English fluently and has become an outspoken advocate for sustainable development and preservation in China. Now visiting the USA for the first time, Frank is excited to share with the Door County community his stories about cultural preservation challenges facing China and how he and the Linden Centre are inspiring a new generation of diverse leaders.

Frank will speak on Sept. 23 at 7 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County in Ephraim, and on Sept. 26, 3 pm, at the Sturgeon Bay Library. For more information call 920.854.2487.