Linden Gallery Closes after 24 Years

Brian and Jeanee Linden have decided to sell their Ellison Bay gallery and building and devote their attention to expanding projects in China.

The Lindens bought the former Trinity Lutheran Church in 1995. Although they were living in Taiwan at the time, they wanted to share their passion for Asian history with people back home. Since then, Door County has been the Lindens’ American touchstone, and their sons grew up in the gallery.

In a recent newsletter Brian wrote, “Door County gave us the confidence and skills to pursue our dreams in China’s Himalayas. We will be completing our fourth and fifth community restoration/hotel projects in the coming year and are considering some very important heritage projects in and around Shanghai. We also have opened our first art gallery/boutique that in many ways reflects the same creative aesthetic that inspired our Door County shop. … Thank you for being part of this journey.”