Linden Gallery Owners Receive American Architecture Award

Brian and Jeanee Linden, of Linden Gallery in Ellison Bay, were informed last week that their Shibaoshan National Park design received the prestigious American Architecture Award. The Lindens have evolved their social enterprise model to increasingly focus on sustainable rural development and intangible cultural preservation.

The new project, which is located between Dali and Lijiang in China, reinvigorates the traditional rammed earth building style of the local Bai ethnic people. To help with community development and poverty alleviation, many of the hotel’s public facilities will be placed in the village itself via microfinancing and management assistance. The project aims to keep all the locals in the village, train and support them, and ensure that they benefit from the money spent in the Shibaoshan National Park, which is renowned for its thousand-year-old carved stone Buddhist grottoes and its stunning scenery.

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