Liquor License Not Recommended for Butch’s Lot

On July 6, Sturgeon Bay’s Community Protection and Services Committee did not recommend to either hold or issue a Combination Class B liquor license for the potential development of the vacant lot at 112 S. 3rd Ave., where Butch’s Bar was destroyed by fire in February, said City Administrator Josh VanLieshout.

The property is now for sale, and Butch’s owner, Clarence Cumber Jr., lost the license because the lot is now vacant. 

Cumber – who is reestablishing Butch’s Bar in the former Nautical Inn at 234 Kentucky St. and closed on purchasing the building last month – asked to hold the license that was previously issued where the establishment used to be located.

Cumber’s application for the license included a list of how the lot could be developed, such as constructing a building with a full-service restaurant that could make use of the license, with apartment units located above.