Literacy Door County Featured Student: Georgina Barradas Olvera

My name is Georgina Barradas Olvera and I am staying here because I want to improve my English. I will be here for five months. My hometown is Cuatitlan, in the State of Mexico, near Mexico City.

When I was in Mexico, I learned many things. I learned about first aid treatments. It was amazing training.

When I worked at Grupo Modelo, I was a nurse-like helper, because we didn’t have a real nurse. I had to attend to people who got hurt or felt sick. It was an important job to me because I like to help people when it is possible.

Then I received training as a firefighter. The equipment was very heavy, but I liked doing things like that so much. Learning to be a firefighter was a difficult task, but it can help save lives. We have to wear a helmet, mask, special pants, a firefighter jacket, gloves and boots.

I graduated from the Facultad de Estudios Superiores Cuautitlan with a degree in Food Engineering. I then received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Universidad Latinoamericana.

During my stay in Door County, I am taking English lessons with Literacy Door County. It is a good program and supports me and others who speak different languages. And this program gives us the opportunity to learn English in the best way. Of course the people who work in this program are really amazing.

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