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  • Meet the Hal Prize Winners: Brandon Lewis, nonfiction

    Released at Thanksgiving, 8142 Review Vol. 2 – the Peninsula Pulse’s literary magazine – contains the 37 best pieces of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and photography out of the 686 submissions received for the 2022 Hal Prize. The submitting writers, poets and photographers are of all ages and from all over the United States, such as nonfiction winner […]

  • The Healing Power of Art

    Vicki Rawlins publishes book of foliage art When Vicki Rawlins’ health was at a low point, it was art that helped her to cope. Something beautiful also blossomed from that pain, and today, after years of working on her distinctive foliage art, some of those pieces appear in her new book, The Power of Flowers: […]

  • Wisconsin Book Earns National Award

    On a Wisconsin Family Farm: Historic Tales of Character, Community and Culture by Corey A. Geiger was named a finalist in the 16th annual National Indie Excellence Awards competition. The contest recognized three books in the Midwest Regional Nonfiction Category, and Geiger’s was among them. “The book contains colorful, somewhat wild, but true stories from […]

  • New Memoir Discusses Alcoholism, Spiritual Abuse

    Patsy Buell Stierna will release her new book, Getting Beyond … Abuse and Codependency to Achieve a Lasting Relationship, on July 15. The book – five years in the making – is a memoir of getting beyond alcoholism and spiritual abuse, a tribute to her late husband, and a documentation of early attempts to stop […]

  • ESSAY: The Lonely Outhouse

    by Bob Potier Ours was a small farm in the 1930s, not like the giant corporate farms of today. My grandparents — of Belgian descent — had scraped together what they could to purchase a farm on Highway C, south of Sturgeon Bay. Their son — my father — married my mother at a young […]

  • Washington Island Author Publishes Memoir

    RoseDog Books has released Some Notable Bahá’ís of Zwide, a new book by Robert Mazibuko about how he, a friend and his former wife struggled to establish the Bahá’í faith and its local administration within the challenging environment of apartheid South Africa. It also chronicles the growth of the faith in the township of Zwide […]

  • DC Published Authors Collective: Rudy Senarighi

    Growing up in the northern Minnesota community of Cloquet, Rudy Senarighi began trout fishing as a youngster, often riding his bicycle eight miles in the dark to be able to be on the stream by sunrise. A diagnosis of cancer in 2000 prompted him to reassess life’s priorities. He began writing his first book, Listen […]

  • Book Recommendation: ‘The Doctors Blackwell’ by Janice P. Nimura

    Recommended by JEANINE BRENNAN, Manager, Egg Harbor Library Branch March is Women’s History Month and a time to celebrate women who have pushed boundaries, influenced change and redefined roles.  In 1849, 29-year-old Elizabeth Blackwell became a medical doctor, and five years later, her younger sister Emily earned the same degree. During the next two decades, […]

  • Online Writing Class: Writing Life Stories

    Write On, Door County will spark creativity with three writing courses in January.  Robin Sauerwein will lead the six-week online class Writing Life Stories on Saturdays, Jan. 15 – Feb. 19, 9-11 am. She’s a published writer and editor who lives in Minneapolis and has been teaching workshops to inspire people to share their stories for […]

  • Search for a Better Life: Literacy DC Featured Student

    by Anonymous I was born in Jalisco, Mexico. We lived on a farm in the countryside. We were a family of 12; my mom and dad and I had five sisters and four brothers. I went to school until the 6th grade. I really liked studying. I wish I could have continued studying. When I […]

  • Gibraltar Students Write Patriot Pen Essays

    The local VFW has resumed its annual Patriot Pen essay contest, which encourages young minds to examine America’s history – and their own experiences in modern American society – by drafting a 300- to 400-word essay expressing their views based on a patriotic theme. This year’s theme was How Can I Be a Good American? Below and […]

  • Literacy Door County Featured Student: Afsana Sadiyeva

    I came to Door County on a student work visa. I have worked several places in Sister Bay. My family consists of five persons; my father Sarvat, my mother Rana, my older sister Tarana, my younger sister Mahbuba and myself. My father is a master furniture maker. He has a business. My mother is a […]

  • Literacy Door County Featured Student: Georgina Barradas Olvera

    My name is Georgina Barradas Olvera and I am staying here because I want to improve my English. I will be here for five months. My hometown is Cuatitlan, in the State of Mexico, near Mexico City. When I was in Mexico, I learned many things. I learned about first aid treatments. It was amazing […]

  • Literacy Door County Featured Student: Veronica Fernández Kahr

    My name is Veronica Fernández Kahr. I was born in Cosamaloapan, Veracruz, in the central zone of the Veracruz state.  When I was three, my father, an Engineer, due to his work, moved my family and I to Oaxaca state. I still dream of the big house that we lived on along the bank of […]

  • Myrtle Clark, 93, Publishes Memoirs of a Farm Girl

    On her 90th birthday in 2018, Myrtle Johnson Clark went zip-lining. This year, when she turned 93, she published a book. Zip-lining was on her bucket list. Writing her memoirs definitely was not, but spiritual urgings (and frequent reminders from her daughter, Judy) compelled her to finally put words on paper. Myrtle, the oldest of […]

  • Literacy Door County Featured Student: Jaime Arellano Castillo

    ¡Buenos días! Hola, me llamo Jaime. Oops. ¡En inglés!  Hello, my name is Jaime. I am 29 years old and was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico. I am the second-youngest of eight children. In 2014, I graduated from the Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria in Puebla. I am a licensed veterinarian.  After graduation, I practiced […]

  • Emerging Scathed: Navigating another new normal, with a toddler by my side

    Nonfiction story Greta winds up and flings a single corn kernel to the caramel-colored cow with an open mouth. She misses, terribly. “Here you go,” I say, laughing, tossing a fistful of corn past its outstretched, glistening tongue, flailing like an arm searching in the dark.  We’re at The Farm in Sturgeon Bay, finally. It […]

  • New Releases at Novel Bay Booksellers

    Looking for something new to read? Glean some inspiration from these recent additions to the shelves at Novel Bay Booksellers (, 44 N. 3rd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay. CHILDREN’S BOOKS Moimoi by the University of Tokyo Baby Lab This little board book promises a lot: “Shapes, colors and sound that will soothe your crying baby.” […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘My Welcome to Door County’

    Story by Paul Brophy I can’t stand a crying baby in a restaurant, especially if it is mine. The wailing makes my skin crawl. That first night, my whole in-law Chicago family was just settling into Casey’s Bar in Egg Harbor, when my six-month-old, Maura, began to writhe and cry. I had to get her […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘A Priceless Gift’

    Story by Louise Endres Moore Certain gifts are valued beyond their price; very few are “priceless.” During Christmas ’44 of World War II, the 35th Infantry Division passed through Metz, France. Fifty-seven years later, I used an address from the back page of a tiny military booklet to find a soldier – a beloved friend of […]