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The latest news in the literature scene in Door County along with reviews, creative writing and news about The Hal Prize.

  • Celebrated Environmental Author to Visit Peninsula State Park July 23 & 24

    Peninsula State Park welcomes Marybeth Lorbiecki, author of the Aldo Leopold biography A Fierce Green Fire on July 23 and 24. Lorbiecki will share excerpts from Leopold’s conservation writings at an illustrated talk on Friday, July 23, from 8 – 9 pm at the Nature Center.

  • Novel Ideas Hosts First-time Author Champan

    Meet Wisconsin author Brett Champan at Novel Ideas Bookstore in Baileys Harbor on Saturday, July 17 at 1 pm for a reading and booksigning for his new book Rearview Sunset.

  • Hintz’s Home Coming Now Available

    Rosemary Hintz will be at The Bridge in Egg Harbor on July 31, 3 – 5 pm, signing copies of her latest book, Home Coming. The novel Home Coming is the story of Robbie Wilson, who readers first learned of in Return to Sawyer School, Hintz’s first historical novel.

  • Feed the Belly

    Plum Bottom Pottery will be hosting the second annual launch of the summer edition of Knock: Door County Arts and Lit Journal Thursday June 15 from 6 – 9 pm for an evening of art, food, and literature. The event will mark the eighth issue of Knock, which is themed the Belly. The new summer […]

  • New Poetry from Barbara Larsen

    New Poetry from Barbara Larsen Editor’s Note: I set out to choose two poems from Door County Poet, Barbara Larsen’s new book of poetry Finding Tongues in Trees to publish in the Pulse.

  • Loves Precept and Denial

    Episode 10 Oh love, if we could find a path, away from all this aftermath. And linger as we wonder through this forest of enchanted hue. Then I within my heart would know, past semblance of a fading show.

  • Two Poems

    When Wildflowers Emerge When wildflowers emerge in spring they dress like Carnival goers disguised as moments of color before the Lenten plain. Trillium begin their days in first-communion white then learn to blush from experience of dancing airs in May.

  • Champan Signs Books in Sturgeon Bay

    Area readers are invited to meet Brett Champan, a Wausau native and current resident of northeastern Wisconsin, who will be signing his new novel, Rearview Sunset, at Book World in Sturgeon Bay Saturday, July 10, 11 am – 3 pm.

  • The Committee for Predatory Detonation

    Farm folk, despite their quaint and gentle appearance, are essentially criminal. To this observation any average sampling confirms the indictment. Even while sitting around a farm shop and generally minding their own business an alteration in character is manifest as Clark Kent turning into Superman, in this case super detonation.

  • State’s First Poet Laureate Reads at UU Dickinson Series

    Renowned poet Ellen Kort will share her poetry July 14, 7 pm, at the UU Fellowship’s Dickinson Poetry Series.

  • Children’s Book Signing at Cupola House

    Cindy Lou, author of the children’s book The King of Ing Wants to Sing, will be at Cupola House Shops July 3 from 1 – 3 pm. The public is invited to the meet Lou during the book-signing event.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 274

    The Blessing of the Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog To be blessed said the old woman is to live and work so hard God’s love washes right through you like milk through a cow To be blessed said the dark red tulip is to knock their eyes out with the slug of lust implied by your up-ended skirt To be blessed said the dog is to have a pinch of God inside you and all the other dogs can smell it American Life in Poetry is made possible by The Poetry Foundation (www.

  • Unspoken Infidelities

    You were a trick of mind, a careful bend of scars, but I am no longer blind. Childish hands yearn only to find descending, foggy-minded stars – You were a trick of mind.

  • The Worm Atlas

    Leo Keller pushed his shovel back under the ground. About nine more shovelfuls and he could empty his bucket. The hole was a good six feet deep but the area had a nice water table.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 273

    Equipment. I like to paint and draw, and I own enough art supplies to start my own store. And for every hobby there are lots of supplies that seem essential.

  • Reading the Obituaries

    Now the Barbaras have begun to die, trailing their older sisters to the grave, the Helens, Margies, Nans – who said goodbye just days ago, it seems, taking their leave a step or two behind the hooded girls who bloomed and withered with the century – the Dorotheas, Eleanors and Pearls now swaying on the […]

  • The Blue Water Buffalo

    One in 250 Cambodians, or 40,000 people, have lost a limb to a landmine. —Newsfront, U.N. Development Programme Communications Office On both sides of the screaming highway, the world is made of emerald silk – sumptuous bolts of it, stitched by threads of water into cushions that shimmer and float on the Mekong’s munificent glut.

  • The Fork

    The essence of human existence is our tools, a distinction more apparent on the farm. Some it is said choose this profession solely on the basis of the chance at these tools, some of which are tractors.

  • Vanderhoof On Board as New Literary Editor

    The Pulse is pleased to introduce their new Literary Editor, Mindi Vanderhoof. A recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Vanderhoof majored in English and minored in Women’s Studies.

  • Larsen’s Sixth Book on Shelves

    Finding Tongues in Trees is the newest publication of Barbara Larsen, well known Door County poet. This is her sixth book and follows All in Good Season which was published in 2005 and well received by area and state readers.