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The latest news in the literature scene in Door County along with reviews, creative writing and news about The Hal Prize.

  • Poetry Jumps Off the Shelf Announces Jumpstart Award

    Woodrow Hall Editions is accepting proposals from Wisconsin poets for a project that presents poetry to the public in an unexpected or unconventional manner.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 260

    These days are brim full of bad news about our economy – businesses closing, people losing their houses, their jobs. If there’s any comfort in a situation like this, it’s in the fact that there’s a big community of sufferers. Here’s a poem by Dana Bisignani, who lives in Indiana, that describes what it feels like to sit through a bankruptcy hearing.

  • 2 Poems

    “After Seeing the Art Film ‘SLAM'” & “Pieces”

  • Emily Dickinson Poetry Series for 2010-2011 Announced

    The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is pleased to announce an exciting list of featured poets for their 2010-2011 Dickinson Poetry Series. With both beginning and established poets on the docket, the series is intended to enhance both the appreciation and the writing of poetry.

  • Like Night and Day

    Ella and Elaine lived in a second floor, two-bedroom apartment over on Fremont Street for as long as most people in the neighborhood could remember. No one knew their age or whether either had ever been married.

  • “I’ll get you, my pretty…and your little dog too!”

    The above quote is among the most famous in films. It is, of course, the Wicked Witch of the West speaking to Dorothy in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

  • Finding Troutzilla

    The water was deep and dark colored here, and our lures disappeared almost as soon as they sank below the surface. The results were dramatic and instantaneous.

  • Ellison Bay Poet Featured in UU Dickinson Series

    Phil Hansotia will read his works March 10 at 7 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s Poetry Series in Ephraim.

  • 2 Poems

    “Swirling Girl” and “Just Bring It to the Table”

  • H.C.’s Quick Books

    If you haven’t read this book and absolutely intend to do so, stop here. If you think you ought to read it but keep putting it off, continue with this review; your intuition is telling you something.

  • Farm Hockey

    The farm version of everything exists: from God to work to clean enough. Marriage also comes to mind, which is why I didn’t reveal to my prospective mother-in-law I was interested in being a farmer.

  • The Dead, of Winter

    Behold; hope has frozen over. Hark; life has drawn her last bitter breath. Come; bid a cold farewell to joy. Winter wonderland has turned to icy wasteland.

  • A Coward in Love

    In the late summer of 1941, Ronald Fowler, at twenty-two, still lived at home with his parents in a small rented apartment in Chicago’s Sheffield neighborhood.

  • Vermeer’s World

    In Vermeer’s Hat: The Seventeenth Century and the Dawn of the Global World Timothy Brook presents a new vision of this great painter’s art.

  • 2 Poems

    “The Last Time” and “Pet Names”

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 255

    A honeymoon. How often does one happen according to the dreams that preceded it? In this poem, Wesley McNair, a poet from Maine, describes a first night of marriage in a tawdry place.

  • 2 Poems

    Several months ago, when Nancy Rafal and I headed down to Fort Atkinson to attend the First Ever Lorine Niedecker Poetry Festival, we went to an open mic connected to the festival. Robert Nordstrom was one of the poets who read and, in an evening of excellent poets reading excellent poems, I found Robert’s work particularly moving.

  • Wisconsin Essayist and “Peninsula Pulse” Contributor Releases New Book

    Kyle L. White, essayist and occasional contributor to the Literature pages of the Peninsula Pulse, has had his collection, Wisconsin River of Grace, published by Cornerstone Press of Stevens Point.

  • Dickinson Poetry Series on Feb. 10

    Retired research engineer Larry Eriksson will share his poetry at the next Dickinson Series event February 10, 7 pm, at the UU Fellowship, Ephraim. Eriksson is a Wisconsin writer and poet living in Ellison Bay and Madison with his wife, Karen.

  • Friends of Lorine Niedecker Receive Grant from the Poetry Foundation

    The Friends of Lorine Niedecker were surprised by an unsolicited grant from the Poetry Foundation. The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture.