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The latest news in the literature scene in Door County along with reviews, creative writing and news about The Hal Prize.

  • Schools

    The white frame school house with its bell, the two-holer out behind, looks little changed from early years. Surrounded by peaceful fields, it must have been a comfortable sort of school, where generations of neighbors recited their lessons, did their sums and vied for roles in the Christmas pageant. Mine was a city school, a […]

  • Copenhagen Denmark 1944

    Was not an inviting little schoolhouse conjuring up fond memories of an innocent time, but a garrison grey structure where strict discipline and obedience held submissive scholars in check. I remember most of my teachers, a few with fondness, others with sentiments bordering hate. My third grade music teacher Mr. Dosa was very short. The […]

  • Calendar of Smells

    Close your eyes. Remember the smell of newly oiled floors and the salty odor of steaming children after recess on those first hot days of September? The crispy scent of October’s colored leaves that teacher hung over the blackboards? Wood smoke from the big black stove mixed with the smell of cows which clung to […]

  • School House Poetry Exhibit Preview

    Each year, The Wallace Group sponsors a poetry/art show at the Meadows Gallery of Scandia Village in May. A theme is chosen and poems are written to go with the pictures or visual elements chosen for the show.

  • Penny Drop

    Behind the scraggly lilacs and the swing set at the chain link fence she and I met a few times tentative ten-year olds. her face long and serious open brown eyes, stringy hair, but neat I have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior she said. Have you? Something small and dark began to grow in […]

  • Miscarriage

    On Sunday the wind blew like hell the empty farmhouse down the road burned windows raw black holes with brown halos a monument of loss next morning the willow tree is right to hold her tiny green leaves close like jewels they drip down her arms glowing, ignorant of their perfection the robin’s egg fell […]

  • Secrets

    Open the old safe in the closet with its heavy clunking door that never locks and fill a velvet bag with rhinestones from your mothers shoes and keep them there look at them when your door is closed and everyone is sleeping run your finger across the gleaming spines of the World Book Encyclopedia 1976 […]

  • After Swimming Alone

    From the chaos of primordial star-mix or a paint bowl on a wheel I have been flung and landed without incident below sharp grassed dunes on this eastern facing shore I lie in the severe September sun south side of my body burning the other in shade and chill a Picasso woman, black and white, […]

  • Featured Poet: Katie Schnorr

    Katie Schnorr lives on a farmstead in Southern Door County with her husband and two young daughters. She teaches in the Sturgeon Bay Public Schools and also writes for Door County Living magazine.

  • Door County Author Introduces Book for Patients and Caregivers

    Madonna Siles shares her surprising successes, set-backs and discoveries from eight years of caregiving in her new book, Eureka! Memories and Motivations: A Strategy for Creating a Healing Home for the Stroke/Brain Injury Patient and Caregiver.

  • Barbara Larsen Next Dickinson Poet

    Barbara Larsen, author of six poetry books, is the next featured poet in the Unitarian Universalist’s Dickinson Series. She will share her poetry on May 12, 7 pm.

  • To Our Pacifists on Veteran’s Day

    For once, let’s praise the men who wouldn’t fight, the women on both sides who sang for peace, the ones who stood against the tanks, that Might would never be abused; that war might cease. They have no flag, no sword, no honor guard, no purple heart, no annual parade, no list of names on […]

  • Dog at the Wheel

    I call When she answers I can hear the dog Leaning close As if the call was really meant for him Or he is her telephone Chaperone His panting is louder Than her voice A ready steady cadence Like he is on a treadmill Propelling the car forward Her voice Begins to gradually diminish I […]

  • Rain

    Rain makes me feel AMAZING! To me, it’s not just a chore of Nature, It’s a feeling! Indescribable! The feeling you get running barefoot in the rain. Or snuggling on the Ferris wheel. Sharing an Ice Cream Cone. Riding on the handle bars of someone’s bike. Hiding in a secret place only you know about. […]

  • Moonlight on the Goldenrod

    Walking together in the twilight Strong mild winds from the south Summer warmth with a hint of fall Open spaces stretching before us Light haze covering the sky Humid aid enveloping the fields Thick forests at the horizon Colors fading to shades of gray Fragrances of drying summer Fields of ripe corn and waving grass […]

  • Upper Bear Creek Road (Evergreen, CO)

    On this morning’s meander before Thanksgiving feast I coast and curve mindfully between the crossing creek-bed Gazing in amazement at gigantic homes, humongous boulders, And timbered beams bravely lodging beneath the behemoth rock. The rushing stream, frosted along its sides, brags icily Of mountain trout hidden within. A small herd of overfed horses Stand patiently […]

  • Lost Lake Road

    It’s April and a single sandhill crane flies across my road. Great blue herons when they arrive blow in like dark-blue smoke. Their necks are bowed as if recoiling from the shock of finding Door County’s leafless spring. But this sandhill’s aim is arrow-straight gliding down to the stubble fields where he stands to rest […]

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 264

    Wendy Videlock lives in western Colorado, where a person can stop to study what an owl has left behind without being run over by a taxi.

  • Celebrating Wisconsin’s Readers and Writers on April 17

    As the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day approaches, one way to celebrate will be Wisconsin Center for the Book’s (WCB) Nature Book Bash on April 17. A “non-urban book festival” that helps to connect the dots of science, books, birders, and readers, this year’s book bash will be held at a new time and site – April 17, 5 – 8 pm, at Wisconsin Rapids Community Theatre (WRCT).

  • Dear Mr. Patrick Henry

    Dear Mr. Patrick Henry   Where are you when we need you? You raised a whirlwind and rode it to revolution. railed at king and parliament, aloof and overseas.   Our Congress seems detached, putting Party before public, re-election before principle. Hope packed her bags and left, and skeptics are having a field day.   […]