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The latest news in the literature scene in Door County along with reviews, creative writing and news about The Hal Prize.

  • Wisconsin Poetry and Short Story Contests Announced

    Wisconsin residents are encouraged to send in a short story or a batch of three poems to the Wisconsin People & Ideas / Wisconsin Book Festival 2010 poetry and short story contests.

  • LA Novelist Signs Books at Novel Ideas

    California novelist Sara Kuhns will be at Novel Ideas Bookstore in Baileys Harbor on Saturday, November 28, from 1 – 3, signing copies of her first, self-published novel, A Sigh for Life’s Completion.

  • Out of Tune with the Times

    I’m rarely surprised by the people I see walking into Slim’s Tavern over on Armitage. Almost all of them are regulars and their faces are familiar. Imagine my surprise, then, when Professor Gardner walked in one summer evening while I was sitting alone at the bar, quietly sipping a beer.

  • Invasives, Aliens, Stowaways

    Invasives, aliens and stowaways, immigrants, all things foreign…weeds, snails, insects and carp fish. When it comes to immigrants we don’t complain about German brown trout or bees or apple trees or the horse, or cats.

  • A Review – Cranioklepty: Grave Robbing and the Search for Genius

    What, exactly, were you thinking? Obviously, not the right thing, that’s for sure.

  • Door County Women Pair up for Dickinson Poetry Series

    A pair of Door County poets will present their works at the Dickinson Poetry Series November 11, 7 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Ephraim.

  • Caterpillar Reading Program Kicks Off in November

    In honor of the 40th anniversary of Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” the Door County libraries are participating in the Eric Carle Caterpillar Reading Program during November.

  • 3 Poems

    Ellen Kort is probably best known outside the Fox Valley as Wisconsin’s first Poet Laureate. As such she became the prime advocate for the craft, traveling the state to serve the muse by opening the hearts and minds of our citizens to the strength, beauty and joy of poetry.

  • The Pickup Truck

    The pickup truck is an American icon, same as the Conestoga wagon and the Marlboro Man. If there are other farmers in the world, none have the devotion to a truck as the Yankee/Rebel/Cowboy/Dirtball.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 240

    We haven’t shown you many poems in which the poet enters another person and speaks through him or her, but it is, of course, an effective and respected way of writing.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 238

    Though some teacher may have made you think that all poetry is deadly serious, chock full of coded meanings and obscure symbols, poems, like other works of art, can be delightfully playful.

  • Two October ‘treats’ at Novel Ideas Bookstore

    Novel Ideas Bookstore in Baileys Harbor is treating patrons to two great author events this October.

  • Author Trygvie Jensen to Read and Sign Books at Peninsula Bookman

    To celebrate the release of his latest book on the commercial fishing industry on Lake Michigan, Trygvie Jensen will be at The Peninsula Bookman in Fish Creek reading from Through Wave & Gales Comes Fisherman’s Tales on Saturday, October 24 at 7 pm.

  • TAP’s Writers Workshop Announces Fall Schedule

    So you want to write a novel? Try a short story first or perhaps a poem or essay. Tuesdays at TAP, the Writer’s Workshop, returns to Third Avenue Playhouse this fall with a four-session series focusing on literary short forms, including fiction and poetry.

  • A Review: War Dances

    You know you shouldn’t have done it. It wasn’t a good idea, right from the get-go, but you couldn’t help yourself.

  • To Whom It May Concern

    To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to recommend Autumn for the position recently left vacant by Summer. I have observed Autumn’s work for the last 40 years or so and feel I am as qualified as anyone to comment on her abilities.

  • Cell Power or Beam Me Up, Scotty

    During summer vacation we observed over a period of a week our national addiction to cell phones. A few examples, but by no means all, follow. In the Amtrak Station in Milwaukee a young man discussed his recent college graduation and then proceeded to describe his new apartment in the minutest detail.

  • Sweeping

    Sweeping is more philosophy than chore; despite I find this strange to admit out-loud. It seems that I have discovered sweeping in the same fashion others have found refuge in yoga; sweeping is the same as yoga.

  • When is Yarmulke not a Yarmulke?

    What is a Yarmulke? Where did it come from? And what does it have to do with Door County? The Yarmulke originated as an object of clothing worn by Jewish nomads on the Sinai desert nearly 5,000 years ago, but it has a new meaning in the 21st century here in Door County.

  • Baileys Harbor Economist Featured in Dickinson Poetry Series

    Tom Toerpe will present his award-winning poetry as the featured poet October 14, 7 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County (UUFDC), Ephraim.