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The latest news in the literature scene in Door County along with reviews, creative writing and news about The Hal Prize.

  • Lids

    But don’t leave the toilet seat up when you finish, she said. He hesitated on his way to the bathroom, following the pointed direction of her finger to a hallway.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 222

    Coleman Barks, who lives in Georgia, is not only the English language’s foremost translator of the poems of the 13th century poet, Rumi, but he’s also a loving grandfather, and for me that’s even more important. His poems about his granddaughter, Briny, are brim full of joy.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 221

    Sometimes, it’s merely the sound of a child’s voice in a nearby room that makes a parent feel immensely lucky. To celebrate Father’s Day, here’s a joyful poem of fatherhood by Todd Boss, who lives in St.

  • Open Writing Workshops Continue Through the Summer

    Henry C. Timm will continue to present free writing workshops at the Sister Bay/Liberty Grove Branch of the Door County Library on Tuesday, July 7 and at the Third Avenue Playhouse on July 21 and August 18.

  • “Fill ‘er Up” Authors Spotlight Wisconsin Service Stations from Bygone Era

    In salute to those good ol’ days of merry motoring, The Friends of Door County Libraries is presenting authors Jim Draeger and Mark Speltz to discuss their book, Fill ‘er Up:  The Glory Days of Wisconsin Gas Stations.

  • Patrick Somerville Reading on Washington Island

    On Saturday, June 20, noted author Patrick Somerville will present a reading from his new book, The Cradle, to the Washington Island Literary Society.

  • A Reading of Bar Code in a Bar

    On Tuesday, June 23 at 8 pm, the poets and writers of Bar Code – an anthology of saloon stories from Little Eagle Press – will gather forces at the AC Tap on Highway 57 between Baileys Harbor and Sister Bay; and there, they will give a reading the likes of which the County of Door has never seen before.

  • Prairie Shelter

    With night slain
                red floods
    the green lean of trees
                disturbing a prairie
    horizontal that makes us hunch
    toward the earth

    what’s wild flowers
            in the random creases
                    beyond us

    brown sparrow dart
                drape of monarchs
    through leaves’ purple underside
    ringed in the cars’ undercurrent
    that tears across a blue stitch

    the road side aches
    serrated edges of maple leaves
    draining green      beneath our tires
    a bird refuses flight

    Gail Lukasik is the author of the recently released Door County mystery novel, Death’s Door.

  • Evalina, The Edgartown Pig

    This story is based on a true event.

    Evalina was a very young pig but a pig nevertheless. She lived with her mother and siblings in a pen in the Malley’s backyard on Martha’s Vineyard.

  • The Same But Different

    Union Station was congested with trains when I finally returned to Chicago for good. In many ways, the three years I had been away seemed like a lifetime.

  • Fringillidae

    Spring is a wholly owned subsidiary, surprising how many people don’t know this about spring. That it is owned outright, indeed and in patent, by a well-heeled holding company.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 220

    One of the privileges of being U.S. Poet Laureate was to choose two poets each year to receive a $10,000 fellowship, funded by the Witter Bynner Foundation.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 219

    As we all know, getting older isn’t hard to do. Time continues on. In this poem, Deborah Warren of Massachusetts asks us to think about the life lived between our past and present selves, as indicated in the marginal comments of an old book.

  • American Life in Poetry: Column 218

    American literature is rich with poems about the passage of time, and the inevitability of change, and how these affect us. Here is a poem by Kevin Griffith, who lives in Ohio, in which the years accelerate by their passing.

  • Calling All Writers and Photographers!

    The Peninsula Pulse is again calling for poetry, prose, and photography submissions for their annual Hal Grutzmacher Writers’ Exposé and Annual Photography Jubilee.

  • Door County Library Branches Honor World War II

    As part of World War II Week at the Door County Library, original photographs, personal mementos and artifacts of the war will be on display at the Sturgeon Bay location from Monday, June 8 through Saturday, June 13.

  • Dickinson Series Features Ellison Bay Poet

    Hanne Gault will present her unique and inspiring poetry at the next Unitarian Universalist Fellowship-sponsored Dickinson Poetry series June 10.
    Reflecting on her writing style Gault said, “When I read or hear poetry I am not thinking of the structure of the poem as much as I am of that indefinable something, be it beautiful, disturbing or humorous, that has moved or inspired me.

  • Door County’s Regional Mystery Writer – Gail Lukasik

    You feel like you’re there – the sensation you have when you enter is one of recognition, of familiarity. Or it can be the exhilaration of experiencing a place for the first time, the excitement of discovery.

  • Vagabond

    The smoldering butt dangled from her lips like the dripping tongue of a panting dog. From behind the smoke screen, and a beehive of blue hair, a gravelly voice uttered the words, “What’s your poison?”
    Now, I’m not expecting to be able to eat off the floor of this greasy spoon, but, hey, maybe the spoon.

  • 2 Poems

    3rd Generation Fire

    Grandpa was Chief,
    so was Dad.
    The first firetruck was parked in a bay under their hardware store.