Local Artist Creates Fyr Bal Medallion

The 2016 Fyr Bal pendant is designed by award-winning artist, Cynthia L. Koshalek of Artzy Studio, Ephraim. Koshalek volunteered to create the medallion and created the custom artwork from copper and sterling. The medallion is sawn by hand, creating pierced areas in an applique style. Texture is added by using a special planishing hammer that can leave small indentations. The art piece is then soldered, filed, sanded and polished. A rainbow patina forms during the soldering process, giving the pendant a fire-like appearance. The traditional Fyr Bal symbol is the inspiration and the central design for the medallion. A handmade copper link chain is added for the final touch.

The medallion will be presented during the Fyr Bal celebration on June 18 at 8:30 pm, outside the Ephraim Village Hall. The Fyr Bal medallion will be presented to the 2016 Chieftain by Steve Sherman, husband of the late Sue Sherman, 2015 Fyr Bal Chieftain. The new Chieftain is determined by a voting process. The Chieftain will keep the medallion as a memento of their reign over Fyr Bal 2016.

Koshalek will be one of the artists displaying her jewelry and ceramics at the Artisan Market. The Artisan Market will be open June 18, 9 am – 6 pm, at Harborside Park, next to Wilson’s Restaurant.

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