Local Counselor Releases Book for Healing

Narcissistic abuse is a subtle, but devastating form of abuse during which victims are often unaware that they are being manipulated and broken down from the inside out. In her new book, Brave Love 365, Erika Nelson offers daily inspiration and validation for survivors of narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships.

Brave Love 365 reveals the truth of narcissistic abuse to help readers recognize the signs, set themselves free, regain their power, find their voice and steer clear of potentially abusive situations before they happen. This book asks the important questions to guide survivors in determining their values, setting effective boundaries and building a foundation for healthy, supportive relationships.

Nelson is a mental-health counselor with a focus on trauma and PTSD who is currently on sabbatical from her private practice. She holds bachelor of science degrees in both psychology and human development and a master of arts in counseling. She has several upcoming books and educational programming in development to assist people in healing from narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships.

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