Cappaert Gallery Welcomes New Artist

Owner Ginnie Cappaert is pleased to introduce a new artist to Cappaert Contemporary Gallery in Egg Harbor. The gallery now represents Minnesota artist Lenore Lampi. Lampi’s ceramics are a study in perception…the perception of a birch tree. Her pieces are wheel thrown or extruded, incised, and altered by adding, subtracting and carving. Her pieces are fired with a variety of glazes on the exterior surface, which creates a very realistic appearance similar to the beautiful birch trees of the Midwest.

Lampi’s take on art is an insightful interpretation of clay using nature as her motif blending textural forms in a unique way and creating work that fits her character.

Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, located at 7901 Hwy 42 in Egg Harbor, is open daily at 10 am through October. For more information, call 920.868.3987 or visit

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