Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives

(Left to right) Veterinarians Lois Kurschner, Paul King and Jennifer Grota care for 5,000 patients a year in their clinic on Madison Avenue in Sturgeon Bay.

The Animal Clinic of Door County is housed in a small building on Madison Avenue in Sturgeon Bay, but it makes a big difference in the health of local dogs and cats.

“We take care of 5,000 patients with three veterinarians in roughly 2,000 square feet,” said Paul King, a veterinarian at the clinic.

Veterinarian Lois Kurschner opened the clinic in 1992 and still works there with veterinarian Jennifer Grota, King and other staff. They try to make the clinic a happy, comfortable place while providing the best care they can.

The veterinarians see patients for routine check-up exams, immunizations, disease screenings, surgeries, x-rays and more. They can even see patients on short notice when a pet becomes sick without warning.

That’s why clear schedules never seem to stay that way.

“It’s a very busy practice,” King said. “We’re very fortunate.”

In order to keep the busy practice comfortable and efficient, the veterinarians remodeled the building in 2005. They installed a fireplace in the waiting room for cold winter days, a single-cup coffee pot for weary customers and televisions in exam rooms in case a patient can’t be seen immediately.

King said making the clinic feel like home reflects the nature of the business and Door County.

“In a small community like this, our clients are our neighbors,” King said. “They’re our friends, they’re the guy that fixes my car, it’s my physician – it’s everyone.”

That’s one thing that keeps King coming to work today. He’s been practicing veterinary medicine for over 40 years and said if he worked anywhere but Door County he would be retired by now.

“There’s no better place in America to practice than here,” King said. “The people are wonderful, they’re great pet owners and it’s just a real joy working with them. Pets are an important part of people’s families, so we feel like it’s a life well spent to help people out and work with them to allow their pets to live longer, healthier, happier lives.”