Look for “Bellies on the Boardwalk”

If you’ve always wondered what kind of amazing creatures can be found in the water alongside the boardwalk at The Ridges Sanctuary, then join them for Bellies on the Boardwalk, May 16 at 1 pm. Nets, buckets and hands will be used to scoop up some tadpoles, whirligig beetles, dragonfly larvae and all manner of tiny skittering critters. Lay your belly on the boardwalk and see what you can find in this “dry,” up close and personal look at residents of The Ridges wetlands. Space for this program is limited and advance registration is required. Program fees are $10/adult for Ridges members, $13/adult for the general public and $5 for children under 18.

Renowned wildlife biologist Daniel Edelstein will conduct a two-day workshop Improving Your Birding By Ear: Bird Song Ecology. Day One of the workshop will be held on May 20, 9 am – noon, and will focus on indoor instruction. The presentation will feature images of birds and recordings of their vocalizations to illustrate the “what, why and how” of songs and calls to help you improve your birding by ear skills. Day Two will take place in the field on May 21, 8 – 11 am, with visits to locations that will allow you to test your new skills. Workshop fees are $45/day for Ridges members and $60/day for the general public. Participants are welcome to attend one or both days.

Both programs meet at The Ridges Cabins, 8288 Cty Q in Baileys Harbor. For more information or to register, visit or call 920.839.2802.