Looking for Accountability

In the Peninsula Pulse on August 5, 2016, Sevastopol Board President [Sue Todey] said that “it’s time to get over the drama and refocus on educating children.”

Later in the same article she says, “People were fearful. They still are. They see the battering some of us have taken at board meetings and they have to work with those people. They’re fearful of their job situation. If they’re not in the school, they’re fearful for their community business. They’re fearful for their children and what repercussions may come to them.”

We question if this is an appropriate statement for any member of the school board to make about the school district staff. How can reuniting begin when a school board member speaks in a derogatory way regarding the staff they represent?

Does the current school board president truly believe that any teacher at Sevastopol would involve a child in any personal or political stance?

Over 40 Sevastopol staff members came forward very publicly with written letters, a petition, and spoke at school board meetings to testify regarding the harassment and intimidation they felt under the leadership of Sevastopol former superintendent. If the school board officeholders who are being recalled have information on so many staff and community members being fearful of those who had the courage to speak up, then they should provide that information to their fellow school board members. Have they?

If anyone feels that a community asking for accountability and answers to reasonable questions are things that constitute a “battering,” then they probably are not suitable to serve on the school board. The community has a right to hold their elected representatives accountable to the public, and to answer reasonable questions. We are not talking about releasing private personnel information, we are talking about simple questions like, who served on the principal interview committee? Which the Board President refused to answer recently. If a school board wants to truly communicate with its staff and community it should be equipped to and comfortable in answering those simple questions.

With your vote on Aug. 23 for Keith Volkmann and Tim Bley you will be taking a step toward restoring a board of elected representatives who will respect all of the district employees, will respect the entire district community, and who will work with their fellow school board members in a spirit of trust, honesty, and cooperation. They will take and answer the hard questions.

If you do want to end the drama and focus on the education of the children of the Sevastopol School District the only possible votes are for Tim Bley and Keith Volkmann.


Alycia and Kevin Schultz
Egg Harbor, Wis.

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