Looking for Northern Door YMCA Dance Recital Photos and Video Clips

Overlooking the audience in attendance at the recent Northern Door YMCA Dance Recital on April 27, one couldn’t help but notice all of the tiny, white screens as scores of people were using their smartphones or mini-cameras to record various parts of the event.

“I was also there to professionally videotape the recital for the dancers,” says Stephen Kastner with DesignWise Studios. “Afterward, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be exciting if we could add in clips from all of the other people filming throughout the hall to create a collaborative work?’”

After discussing it with director Andria Nikoupolis-Weliky, they agreed to reach out to everyone in attendance to create a crowd-sourced final production.

“We’d like to include some of the awesome photos and video clips that everyone captured at the Door Community Auditorium on Sunday both during and after the YMCA Dance Concert Recital,” she explains.

“We hope to create something a bit different and a bit daring,” says Kastner.

It all starts with uploading the shared work to the web. Kastner has established a shared public folder “Dance Recital 2014” at Anyone can register for free and install their mobile app on iOS or Android. After you login, simply click “Upload Media” on the top of the screen; then choose where to upload from.

If you are interested in adding your work but confused by any aspect of the technology, contact Kastner at 920.256.9449 or [email protected].